TV serie, 2022, 7x 20-30 min

Director: Nils Holst- Jensen

TV serie, 2017, 3x 59 min

Director: Jakob Ström, Henrik Björn

Shortfilm, 2015, 28 min

Director: Zanyar Adami

Shortfilm, 2013, 23 min

Director: Johan Bergström Hyldahl

Documentary, 2011, 66 min

Director: Knutte Wester

TV serie, 2021, 5x 25 min

Director: Julia Lindström

Documentary, 2011, 75 min

Director: Ester Martin Bergsmark

TV serie, 2014, 7x 29 min

Director: Kicki Kjellin, Jonas Westbom

TV serie, 2011-2014, 13x 59 min

Director: Harald Hamrell, Christian Eklöw, Christopher Panov

Web serie, 2012-2014, 14x 11-17 min

Director: Linnéa Roxeheim

Science fiction drama, 2018, 106 min

Director: Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

Web serie, 2020-21, 42x 4-7 min

Director: David Wramneby, Linnéa Roxeheim, Daniel Di Grado

TV serie, 2019, 8x 15 min

Director: Amir Chamdin, Kirke Ailio Rodwell

TV serie, 2019, 3x 29 min

Director: Pontus Klänge

Shortfilm, 2012, 28 min

Director: Ivica Zubak

About me

My name is Björn and I´m a film editor with more than 20 years’ experience in film and TV. I´m from Germany but  now I am working and living in Stockholm, and  in Lisbon as well.

After completing an apprenticeship  for film and video editing at  Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, I continued working there for 5 years as an editor and then moved to Stockholm to study film editing at  Dramatiska institutet.


After a wide range of editing experience, I now mainly edit TV series, features and documentaries but also enjoy working on short films and art projects. I´m very curious and like to be challenged with every new project.

Some of the films I´ve edited have been nominated for the Swedish Film and Television Awards.

Sometimes I even work as a film editing consultant for exam films at Kulturama and the Film school in Stockholm (StDH).


Technical capabilities: 


Final Cut

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effect

Adobe Premiere









                  Tel.: +46 (0) 76 82 98 746                                                                      Tel.: +351 915 866 886                   Stockholm, Sweden                                                                                 Lisbon, Portugal